How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Day at Daycare

daycare center in Edmonton

So, the momentous time has come when you, as parents, are sending your children out into the world – to a daycare! Going to a daycare center in Edmonton means beginning an exciting new chapter with a new environment, new faces, and a new routine to follow. In the beginning, things may be overwhelming for you and your toddler.

daycare center in Edmonton

Along with excitement, you might be pondering –

  • What if my kid doesn’t want me to leave?
  • What if he cries?
  • Will the teachers take good care of them?

There may be hundreds of thoughts you might encounter. But you don’t need to worry if you choose one of the best childcare services like Little NEMO’S Daycare in Edmonton.

Also, we are sharing some crucial tips to ensure the smoothest transition for both you and your child for their first day at daycare –

Make Your Child Familiar with the Childcare Center

Visit before the first day: Let your child get acquainted with the environment of their new daycare center. Let them explore the classroom and meet the teachers and staff so that they will know where they are going.

Talk to your child: To help your toddler or infant go to a daycare center in Edmonton, explain using language so they will understand what to expect, how they will participate in fun activities, and meet new teachers and children.

Familiarize him with the new routine: Talk to your kid about the basic schedule of a daycare center and familiarize him with simple terms such as “snack time,” “playtime,” and “nap time.”

Get Your Kid Excited About Daycare Experience

Explain what to expect: Prepare your child for a positive daycare experience by watching videos and shows or reading stories about wonderful daycare experiences. This will help them understand what to expect from childcare services.

Bring a comfort item: For toddlers and up, you can bring some comfort items that remind them of home. Things like stuffed animals or a blanket will help them sleep in the center.

Rehearse before the First Day

Goodbye ritual: Create a goodbye ritual to make your child comfortable at the daycare center when you leave. Choose any activity like a hug, a particular song, or a high-five to help them regulate their emotions.

Daycare roleplay: What about practicing some roleplay pretending daycare at home? Act as if your child is the student, and you are the teacher.

For Parents

Complete any medical information: Make sure to share any medical information about your child. Also, determine if the center asks you to complete any information about a doctor or dentist.

Be easily accessible: Share your contact information so that the teacher or staff can best reach out to you when necessary.

Resist the urge to linger: Comforting your child by staying in the center a little longer is normal. But the more you linger, the more difficult it is for your child to leave you. So, learning how to trust the daycare provider to take care of your child is essential.


Remember, starting daycare is a significant transition for children and parents. But with your support, patience, and positive attitude, your little one will soon start liking going to school.

Most importantly, make sure that you choose the best daycare center in Edmonton, like Little NEMO’S Daycare and Out of School Care Centre Inc. From teaching staff to caregivers, quality of education, and child-centric facility, here you’ll get everything to meet your child’s needs.

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