We Are The Leading Child Development Workers Across Edmonton and Nearby Areas

Little NEMO'S Daycare and Out of School Care Centre Inc. (Little NEMO'S Daycare) is a start-up daycare facility in Edmonton that provides daycare and out-of-school care services to children from 12 months through 12 years old. Little NEMO'S Daycare is one of the largest and most nurturing high quality and unique child care services provider in Edmonton.

The Daycare’s name exemplifies the program values: Nurturing, Education, Motivation and Open Communication. In its daily operations, Little NEMO'S Daycare will function to nurture each child, foster education, motivate each child to excel individually and at his or her own pace, and encourage Open communication between staff and parents to ensure satisfaction at every level of care.

Little NEMO'S Daycare is a start-up corporation founded by two partners. The first partner has an extensive background in the daycare environment since 2005. She owned and operated a day-home Centre. She holds a Level 3 Child Development Supervisor from the province of Alberta and has a Bachelor of Education Degree.

The second partner holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing and has been a Registered Nurse in the Province of Alberta since 2005. she holds a Level 2 Child Development Worker Certificate from the government of Alberta. She has an extensive experience with children as well as raising her own. Little NEMO'S Daycare provides daycare services to children from 12 months through 12 years old in Edmonton, Alberta between the hours of 6:30 AM until 6:00 PM.

Please feel free to contact the program directors for any further information as needed. Thank you for joining Little NEMO'S Daycare family tree.

Mission and Vision

Little NEMO’s vision is to offer a safe environment that fosters independence and creativity for children to play and grow.

Little NEMO’s mission is to:

  • Provide premium-quality care
  • Encourage children to learn and develop through creativity and play
  • Nurture and encourage physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional development
  • Efficiently operate a child-centered facility managed by dedicated, motivated, nurturing and well-educated and well-trained staff.
  • Achieve the utmost standard of care through the collaboration and open communication between parents, children, staff and the community.