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Little NEMO’S Daycare & Out of School Care Centre

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Little NEMO’S Daycare and Out of School Care Centre Inc. (Little NEMO’S) is a start-up daycare center in the city of Edmonton that provides daycare and out-of-school care services to children from 6 months through 12 years old. Our programs include off-site activities, health care, parent involvement, and community partnership and communications, among others.

Being one of the leading child care centers in our locale, our goal is to nurture children under our care and motivate them to excel individually at their own pace. And we plan to accomplish this by personalizing our programs to fit the specific strengths and needs of your children.


As part of our specialized programs, our Edmonton-based daycare center provides a wide variety of activities that will surely catch the attention of your children and help them to have a better grasp of various subject matters. These activities consist of arts and crafts, field trips, music and movement, and many more.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Field Trips

Arts & Crafts

Music & Movement Exercises

About Us

Here at Little NEMO’S Daycare and Out of School Care Centre Inc., we aim to provide our specialized services to parents and children all across the city of Edmonton. And to achieve that, we have opened 2 branches of our daycare center: one in St. Albert and one in Victoria Trail.

Our St. Albert daycare accepts children from 6 months while our Victoria Trail location accepts children from 12 months. Here are our addresses for the aforementioned locations, so feel free to visit us and check out our facilities. Also, we want to emphasize that parents are always welcome to review the location-specific policies in the prospective location.

Little NEMO’S Daycare & OSC Centre

Little NEMO’S Daycare & OSC Belmont Centre

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Since opening our doors to people living in and around Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and Fort Saskatchewan, we have received outstanding reviews from our clients and praise regarding the services and programs that our daycare provides. But while we can talk about what we can do for you and your children, it would be better for you to see what they have say about us for yourself.

With that, feel free to check out these testimonials and learn what our clients have experienced with our child care center:

Little NEMO’S is a place where learning becomes fun, where kids learn to celebrate diversity and where they are known by every member of the staff. This daycare is friendly and welcoming, celebrating life as often as they can. My son is particularly fond of the Friday Treat! With exceptional activities to pass the summer months and school photos to treasure for life, Little NEMO’S stands out as a daycare.

Briana Biggs

Little Nemo's day care and out of school care is a place which provides confidence in knowing my child is safe. I can trust they are always looking out for my child's well-being. School drop offs and pick ups really ease my stress knowing there is always a source able to charter my child to and from school.

Jenna Moroney

Since my (4 year old) has started at Little Nemo's daycare - he has been thrilled about going there daily. He still gets a bit disappointed on the weekend as he is not able to go on weekends! The staff have been great! Super easy to speak with, always have his best interest at heart and I feel secure in leaving my child at the daycare as I know that he is well taken care of. It's been a great relief sending my child to an established daycare that has been around since 2014!! I will/would continue to recommend this amazing daycare to everyone I know! Thank you Little Nemo's daycare for all of your continued hard work and dedication to my little one!!


Contact Us

If you’re looking for a trusted daycare center in Edmonton who will provide your children with quality care and nurturing, always remember that Little NEMO’S Daycare and Out of School Care Centre Inc. is here to provide you with the service that you need. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 587-524-6366 or leave us a message by accomplishing the form below.