A Day in the Life of a Child at Our Edmonton Daycare

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Emma, an 18-month-old little ball of sunshine clutching her favourite red bunny reaches the child care center in Edmonton with her mother. As soon as she enters, her beloved teacher greets her and takes her to a room, a kaleidoscope of colors and activities.

Together with the children, Emma is all set to learn, play, and enjoy in her childcare centre. Like other kids, she likes going to school to play with her friends and teachers.

Do you know why, unlike many toddlers, Emma is not afraid of going to the childcare center?

Emma’s parents have decided to send her to Little NEMO’s Daycare, a unique child care center in Edmonton with an all-inclusive curriculum, specialized facilities and outstanding staff.

This childcare center is Edmonton’s very own learning hub for happy, curious children. Here, we try to portray every day as an adventure filled with laughter, exploration, creativity and learning activities through play.

Let us take you on a tour through a typical day in the life of a child in our Edmonton daycare and see what magic awaits your little one –

Morning Magic:

Warm welcome: Just like Emma, all our kids are greeted with happy faces as soon as they arrive. Parents can talk to teachers and get necessary updates about their children.

Stimulate creativity: Children love to be creative, and our responsibility is to help them unleash their inner artists. We offer a variety of art materials, including pencils, crayons, playdough, etc., appropriate to their age.

Healthy eating and diaper change: Our staff takes care of infants’ morning snacks and diaper changes.

Sing-along time: Our everyday learning activities also include signing, finger plays, and interactive storytelling. We focus on fostering their all-inclusive development, including motor, cognitive, communication, and social skills.

Exploring the World:

Time for adventures: Each day is a new day for adventures. From jungle adventures to exploring the wonders of the ocean, we focus on developing curiosity and igniting the urge for knowledge.

Party time: Then it’s time to build castles, rockets, and even cityscapes. We encourage all children to be creative with their problem-solving skills in our child care center in Edmonton. Some days, instead of blocks, they get to play with sandboxes.

Fuelling up:

Lunchtime: Then comes the time to refuel our adventurous spirits with nutritious and delicious meals. Our teachers and caregivers help all children learn healthy eating habits and table manners.

Zzzzz…!! Nap time: We understand the importance of rest for our little ones, who can take some naps in our comfortable nap areas. Those who are a bit older, such as Liam, can participate in silent activities like listening to music or colouring.

Afternoon Adventures:

Outdoor playtime: When weather permits, the children head outside to play. From climbing structures to swings and slides, we provide all opportunities for the children to develop their motor sensory organs and strengthen their physical activities.

Music and movement: It’s time for some energetic music and movement activities to promote their coordination and develop a sense of rhythm and joy.

Wrapping Up the Day

Once they enjoy another healthy snack, it’s time to say goodbye for the day. As parents arrive, teachers share important updates about their learning activities, and Emma, Liam, and the other children leave the daycare for home.

A Day Full of Growth and Learning:

At Little NEMO’s Daycare, we try to provide all opportunities for child development and growth. This is a place where your child can feel safe, cared for, and loved. Our teachers create a nurturing environment for your child to explore, learn, and make new friends every day.

Please note that our schedule and daily routine may vary depending on the age group, weather, and the child’s preferences.

Want to Know More?

If you want us to welcome your little one to our childcare family, contact us today and schedule a tour!

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